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Amanda [userpic]

(no subject)

July 7th, 2006 (11:08 pm)

Hehe, I'm updating because marci_ny "nudged" me! =D

I'm doing okay. I'm down to about 277 pounds now. Today I discovered that I can fit in the seatbelts in the back of my uncle's car. I haven't been able to do that since before 2003. Even then they were TIGHT! Now they are loose enough to be comfortable.

I'm going to request, to my family doctor, help from a psychologist. I have a lot of mental problems, which I don't feel like talking about here (sorry). At times I think that if I were dead I would be happier. I made a mistake of telling my father and he told my uncles. I'm sick and tired of them always asking me "ARE YOU OKAY?" over and over again. It just pisses me off and I get very snappy.

I have been really lax with my exercising. Once I get my license I plan to sign up at Curves, maybe that will help me. I have no motivation for exercise alone. It's a waste of time in my mins. =\

Otherwise, I'm fine. I had a good time out tonight. We went to Outback Steakhouse. I love that place to death. I had the chicken griller (heavily seasoned grilled chicken, served on a bed of rice with grilled vegetables and pineapple). I also cheated with a bowl of my favorite soup, French Onion. I don't feel guilty, because I know that I can cheat like that a couple times a month and still stick to the plan and lose weight. =)

Amanda [userpic]

(no subject)

May 26th, 2006 (12:34 am)

Mood: rejuvenated

I'm on my sixth day of exercising!! My daily routine is:

Walk Away The Pounds 1 mile
25 bent knee push-ups
14 leg scissor exercises per leg
50 knee lifts while raising 2 pound weights
3-5 minutes of jogging in place

Not that great, but at least it is better than doing nothing. I really wish I could do sit-ups. Does anyone know any kind of easy exercises that are good to work on the stomach area?

Amanda [userpic]


May 16th, 2006 (11:37 pm)

Mood: pessimistic

The last time I did my exercises was the 10th of this month. I have no clue why it is so hard for me to keep up with doing it. It's not like I do much. My exercises consist of: 1 mile on the Walk Away the Pounds dvd and 2 exercises for my arms (50 reps each arm, each exercise)using 3 pound weights. I blame it on the stressful living situation I am in, but I think it mainly is because of my laziness. I don't know how to break this habit.

My skin is REALLy loose on my upper arms. I know no way to fix that. I don't think my arm exercises are targeting that area. Does anyone know anything to help? It's so horrible, how loose my skin is. I know I will probably need to get a lot of skin removed in the future. I am afraid to know how much that will cost. I'm basically dirt poor... Maybe I will never look skinny ever, especially due to my loose skin. ='(

Anyway, I'm down to 298 now. I'm still not happy though (due to what I was talking about above).

Amanda [userpic]

(no subject)

April 18th, 2006 (04:59 pm)

Well, I am just 3 pounds away from 100 pounds lost now. Meaning I am 308. :) I feel pretty good. I wish that I could do some sit-ups to help with my belly fat. They are too hard for me. :( The only exercise I do is (almost) everyday I walk a mile with the "Walk Away the Pounds" tapes with Leslie Sansone. It makes me sweat. Is that enough? I am not ready to do the 2 mile workout. Also, If I force myself to do a lot of exercise I will get tired of it and quit completely. I hope what I am doing is enough.

I cheated today and I ate a home made chocolate covered peanut butter egg. It was good, but not worth it. It was rather small and not more than 120 calories. I counted it as my breakfast carb. Oh well!

Amanda [userpic]


April 8th, 2006 (05:00 pm)

Mood: giggly

Height: about 5'7"
Beginning Weight: 405
Current Weight: 314

Beginning BMI: 63.4
Current BMI:  49.2

Inches Lost

Waist:  11 inches
Hips: 10.5 inches
Thigh*: 9 inches
Chest:  7 inches  =(
Ankle*: 1 inch
Calf*:  3 inches
Wrist*:  about 1.5 inches
Lower Arm*:  2 inches
Upper Arm*:  3 inches
Neck:  2 inches

* left

Total inches lost:  about 50 inches

I'm going to be in the 200's soon!

Amanda [userpic]


March 23rd, 2006 (06:03 pm)

Mood: shocked

Here are photos of my brother and I. The ones on the left are when we started dieting the ones on the right are what we currently look like. :)

I started at 405 LBs and am now 319 LBs.


My brother started at 262 LBs and is now 191 Lbs.


I really do see changes. I can't believe it!

Amanda [userpic]

no subject

March 22nd, 2006 (02:31 am)

Mood: tired

All of bad things are happening in my life now. I don't want to talk about it. One good thing happened this week though. I weighed myself today and I am in between 318 and 319 pounds. That means I lost almost 10 pounds this last week!

I don't know why that happened. It could be a reaction to my new medicine or it could be because I have been doing exercises with weights. I can't do much, but it is better than nothing. I am only use 2 LB weights and I can only do about 50 reps (each arm and each exercise). Hopefully I will get better!

Amanda [userpic]

No weigh in

March 8th, 2006 (12:23 am)

Mood: stressed

No weigh in this week. I am having some "womanly troubles" and I don't want to weigh myself. There may be something wrong with me. I have to get a ultrasound. I wish my mom was alive. I need her to talk to about this stuff. It is awkward explaining it to my father. He gets so worried too. =\

Hopefully I will be okay and ready to weigh myself next Tuesday. I am afraid... I need my mother... =(

Amanda [userpic]

Week 17

February 28th, 2006 (11:59 pm)

Mood: content

Wow, on March 4th it will be 4 months since I have been on nutrisystem! Time sure does fly! I weighed in today and I was 333 pounds. That makes me 3.5 pounds down from last week. My weight loss seems to be slowing down. I need to start exercising more! I have walked much lately due to it being so darn cold. I really wish I had a exercise machine. I could save up money for one, but there is no space here. All the compact ones would never hold my weight. It sucks!

Sorry for the crazy post last time. I needed to vent. I am feeling better now. :)

Amanda [userpic]

Want to know what sucks...?

February 22nd, 2006 (01:23 am)

Mood: pessimistic

What sucks is being without a home. We lost our home in September '05 and have nothing anymore. We are living with my father's crazy and bitter Aunt and things are miserable with her. One time she even said that she only let us live in here, because she was sick. I want to move, so do my brother and father. If we move we will have barely any money each month, we will ne happy and I won't be able to afford Nutrisystem anymore. If we stay here we will be able to afford my nutrisystem, things will continue to be stressful and miserable, I will be able to use her car once I learn to drive, she will still try to force me off my diet, I will continue to be depressed all the time.

I have been praying that 2006 will turn out to be a good year. I want to lose lots of weight, learn to drive, go back to school, get a part-time job and I want my father, brother and I to live alone again. I won't be able to have all these things and I know it. I am doomed. My life has always been filled with horrible events and I don't think it will ever stop. I will never be able to be independent and fall in love with some great guy. It just won't happen to me. I can never move out by myself, because who will take care of my disabled father. Not to mention, I don't think I have the emotional strength to live without him. I need to grow up. I am such a freaking baby... I'll probably never go back to school either. I will just waste away here until I just crack.

Please don't waste your pity on me either. It doesn't work. God isn't listening. Why did he take away my mother? Why did he make my father and Uncle Steve crippled? Why did he let my grandmother force us to lose our home? Why did she want to do this to us? Why am I so messed up?

....Sorry I just needed to get this off my mind...

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